10 Nov 2018 – holiday in Ukraine today and that is not possible

10 листопада 2018 – яке свято сьогодні в Україні та що не можна

10 November 2018 – the day of Holy Friday. On this day honoring the great Martyr Paraskeva. According to ancient tradition, the parents Paraskeva could not have children. Every Friday they prayed, fasted and blessed with a daughter. Named her Paraskeva, which translated from the Greek – Friday.

According to popular belief, Paraskeva in life was a midwife. She once delivered a baby in a damn woman, what the local ruler, a pagan, ordered the execution of Paraskevi. Christians turn to Paraskeva as a healer in serious mental and physical illnesses, as well as the patroness of family well-being.

Birthday November 10 to celebrate: Anna, Arseniy, Valentine, George, George, Dmitry, Ivan, Maxim, Neonila, Nestor, Nicholas, Praskovya, Stepan.

Folk omens on November 10

– It is said that dream that dream November 10, Paraskeva – prophetic. And is always.

– If the day is Sunny, expect a warm winter.

– If cloudy – mid-December, there are heavy frosts.

What you can do on 10 November

1. In this day you can organize markets and fairs. Good will be sold vegetables and fruits, and homemade products.

2. Single guys have the opportunity on Friday to fast to find a beautiful and business woman.

What not to do 10 Nov

1. Women in this day is strictly prohibited difficult to work, to sew, knit and wash clothes.

2. Girls to this day do not comb your hair and wash the head.

3. Stick to Friday minimum post. Do not sing songs and have fun plenty. Believe me, if you stick this post to the end of the year will not get sick.

4. You should refrain from conjugal duties, not to give birth to a sick child.

5. It is impossible to start a new business.

6. Preferably owes nothing to lend and not give to “give happiness”.

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