10 things should know those who take antibiotics

10 фактов, которые должны знать те, кто принимает антибиотики

Millions of people are taking antibiotics when penetration of an infection into organism. However, this treatment should be carried out with extreme caution and only under the supervision of a physician, and here are 10 things to keep in mind all located on the course, writes healthinfo.

1. Antibiotics – the words “anti” and “biotics” means the presence of live microorganisms, specifically bacteria. That is why antibiotics must be taken only for bacterial infections but not against viruses or fungi.

2. The General recommended frequency of antibiotics – two or three times a day. Never take them alone, since excessive doses of antibiotics may lead to digestive complications.

3. Most importantly – take the antibiotics recommended by your doctor and never stop taking them after the stabilization of health.

4. Usually antibiotics need to drink after a meal. But in some cases, the doctor may recommend taking them before or during a meal. Regardless of this, avoid spicy food and alcohol while on the course.

5. Antibiotics also attack the intestinal bacteria that are beneficial to the body, along with harmful bacteria. Therefore, the diet must include probiotics or curd to strengthen the intestinal flora and combating the harmful effect of antibiotics.

6. Don’t forget to drink three liters of water every day. It is also recommended to consume fresh fruit juices to maintain adequate moisture during the use of antibiotics. It helps to wash the harmful chemicals from the body.

7. During the course of antibiotics is very important to consume easily digested and unsalted food, as the digestive process will be somewhat hampered. Also stay away from fatty foods and watch the portion size. It is better to eat less but more often.

8. You are able to drink antacids and vitamin supplements while taking antibiotics. But it’s best to avoid supplements with iron. But calcium supplements are very useful.

9. While on a course of antibiotics, you can stick to light physical activity like yoga to speed up metabolism. This will help in the fight against a major disease, but it is very important not to overexert yourself and avoid falls.

10. Fairly common are digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea during antibiotic treatment. This is not the reason for the termination of the course, just discuss any problems with your doctor.