12 signs that you are on your way to important changes in life

12 признаков того, что вы находитесь на пути к важным изменениям в жизни

There is a theory that each of us is changing, and quite dramatically once in seven years. Some believe in it and realize it, others ignore it and just smile.

In any case, no harm will be familiar with the basic signs that indicate that you have entered into this important milestone of your life. This will help to understand, accept and to pay the inevitable changes in their favor.

Below are 12 signs that you are in the process of global change. So:

“The most incredible changes in our life happen when you decide to take control of something powerful, instead of aiming to control something beyond the power”, – Steve Maraboli.

1. You suddenly lose interest in things and people that were very important

In order to let into your life something new, to say goodbye and to let go of the old. Don’t panic if you suddenly become uninteresting things and the people who meant so much until recently. It is an integral part of the change, as it should be.

2. You dream a lot

Suddenly and all your dreams and dreams become alive, as if in reality. There is a feeling that your dreams materialize and come true. Honestly, you already start to believe in what is happening.

3. Enhanced vibration

You begin to feel physically strengthening of the vibration. It is felt in every heartbeat.

4. You enjoy the solitude

Walk in the Park or solitude – all that brings you joy and peace.

This does not mean that you shut yourself off from the whole world, but something quite different: you become closer to yourself. Privacy helps you feel connected with your intuition, with your soul. Are you ready to follow their hunches and seek to future changes.

5. You have more to read

Suddenly you are filled with the real hunger: I want to read and just avidly. You are interested in new things and phenomena, their analysis and predictions. If you used to like to pass the evening watching a movie, now best friend is a book. This means that you are developing. Your brain needs information and knowledge to adapt to new changes.

6. You become unusually sensitive

Suddenly you feel that the emotions are overwhelming you, like an ocean wave. Do not worry and do not panic. Just believe in yourself and stay calm. Now you are faced with a difficult task – to feel and to take all the vibrations and feelings of the Universe. This will give strength and you will be able to help not only themselves, but to other people.

7. You are drawn to all the new and unexplored

Appears irresistible desire to do or implement something new. Want to gain new skills, can’t wait to use them in practice. Do not ignore this desire. Everything happens reason: so you prepare for the changes that are about to happen.

8. You notice that you have become very different

These changes are noticed not only you, but friends, and colleagues. You are changing dramatically, and excitedly tell your friends. Do not panic and do not run away from this natural process. Accept this change.

9. You become obsessed with your own goals

There is a feeling that burns inside a real fire of passion. You don’t just set goals and want to achieve them. You’re just obsessed with it like never before. The thing is that now is the right time, and whatever mind – all the dreams come true.

10. You begin to realize that only you can control your life

You say goodbye to the habit to criticize and blame others for all their mistakes and blunders. That is, learn to take responsibility for their own actions. You understand that you, and only you, are in control of your life and responsible for how it develops.

11. You understand that without challenges there is no success

You notice that he had stopped to complain about the obstacles and difficulties. On the contrary, you start to appreciate them as important life lessons. It becomes clear that only in struggle breeds success, but challenges help to grow and develop.

12. You begin to understand yourself better

Now you are more confident. This does not mean that you do not seek advice to other people and don’t listen to him. But the last word is now yours exclusively. You feel that only now really got to know myself.

Do not ignore the above signs. Enjoy every moment of this magnificent period in the life of every human milestone changes!