13-year-old daughter Olya Polyakova told how to make money

13-летняя дочь Оли Поляковой рассказала, как зарабатывает деньги

The eldest daughter of the singer Olya Polyakova, which is trying to be more like his famous mom, admitted that he earns his own money on the social network Instagram.

About this 13-year-old girl said in an interview with Katya Osadchaya in the “high life”.

So, according to Masha, shopping most often it goes from your Bank card.

Earn money through Instagram, I sell advertising, I have 100 thousand subscribers. But sometimes mom and dad they throw something
– said daughter Polyakova.

In addition, she thought about how was able to lose seven pounds in four months. So, Maria, especially the food itself is not limited.

“Here there is no restriction. I eat proteins, I eat sugar in fruit. I nothing do not limit yourself, what do I need for the body. I don’t eat chips, candy, and some side dishes. Don’t drink fizzy drinks,” she said.