14-year-old girl was found in Lviv oblast: child molested by her senior friend

14-летнюю девушку разыскивали на Львовщине: ребенка развращал ее старший знакомый

In the Lviv region 37-the summer man actually kidnapped and fucked an underage girl. The girl, in particular, assures that the attacker was joined with her in sexual intercourse.

Information regarding the incident was published by the Deputy Chairperson of the national police Vyacheslav Abroskin. It happened on June 27.

The disappearance of a girl born in 2005 the police informed her parents. In the end, the search for the child joined more than a hundred police officers. Download the schoolgirl managed already on the second day.

Militiamen found out that the girl was with her boyfriend 37-year-old man. She also said that he was joined with her in sexual intercourse.

Now the investigation continues into the incident.

After the gruesome murder of 11-year-old Darya Lukyanenko, which law enforcement authorities found dead and completely naked, was publicized Petition against pedophiles “Protection of children from sexual violence”. Its registered well-known lawyer-criminologist Anna Painter on 27 may. So she wanted to draw attention to the bill No. 6607 “Protection of children from sexual violence”, which was developed 2 years ago.

What does the draft law on the protection of children from sexual violence:

– the introduction of a Single registry of persons convicted of sexual offences against children;

– strengthening the responsibility for sexual crimes against children;

– chemical castration.


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14-летнюю девушку разыскивали на Львовщине: ребенка развращал ее старший знакомый