15-year-old Ukrainian Lopatetska won a dramatic victory in the tennis tournament in Japan

15-летняя украинка Лопатецкая одержала драматическую победу в турнире по теннису в Японии

Ukrainian tennis player Darya Lopatetska won the ITF tournament in Japanese Nisitani with a prize Fund of 25 thousand dollars. 15-year-old Ukrainian from Kharkov defeated velikobritansky Gabriella Taylor.

The match was quite difficult.

In the first game of the Ukrainian tennis player has lost with the account 0:4 and 3:5 .But she was able to play two of the set point. In the tiebreak Lopatetska brought Seth to victory.

The second batch ended in failure for Lopatichi. But in the third party player successfully played. Then the Ukrainian has won four consecutive games and the match in General.

In the end, Daria Lopatetska won velikobritansky Gabriella Taylor with the score 7:6 (4), 2:6, 6:3. This title is the fifth on a professional level for Ukrainka.

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