16 Dec: what a holiday today and the day of the angel

16 декабря: какой сегодня праздник и день ангела

Monday, December 16, the Orthodox honor the memory of John Flood. Our ancestors adhered to in this day signs: “Silence – gold”. They were shouting, singing and talking loudly. People feared that evil spirits to Rob them of their voice.

Saint John since childhood was famous for good deeds. After the death of his parents he distributed his inheritance to the needy and donated funds for the construction of several temples. He decided to leave the monastery and become a Bishop. The last years of his life John lived as a hermit in a cave.

He had the gift of the healer. Force one of his prayers he healed the ill and infirm. Therefore, all believers were sent on 15 December to the temple, where they stood silently before the icon of the monk John the Silent, praying about health.

What to do on 15 December:

People believed that if you remain silent all day at Ivan Bezmolvnik, then the whole year will be eloquent.

On this day, tried to avoid quarrels and conflicts. It was believed that the husband and wife quarreled Ivan Bezmolvnik, the whole year will live in the scandals.

The peasants, redoing the home, tried to go to bed early, not to sit in a dark hut. They did it not only to save the torch, but out of fear to see evil spirits, many of which are represented in the image of a black cow.

Our ancestors believed that from 00:00 to 03:00 a.m. aktiviziruyutsya all the evil spirits, but as soon as I sing the first roosters, all evil will disappear.

Folk omens on 16 December:

  • If a little snow, the next year will be lean.
  • If the melted snow on earth falls, it will be a poor harvest.
  • Bullfinch chirps under the window – wait for the thaw.
  • The wood crackling in the stove – it will soon be cold.
  • The stars of “jump” – coming snowstorm and freezing.
  • The change of the moon in the Day of John the Silent heralds warm weather day.

Birthday 16 Dec celebrate:

Andrew, George, Ivan, Nicholas, Hayley, Savva, Theodore, Alice, Albina.

16 декабря: какой сегодня праздник и день ангела

16 декабря: какой сегодня праздник и день ангела