17 mistakes, which usually I regret 90% of parents

17 ошибок, о которых обычно жалеют 90% родителей


The first year of child’s birth – the most difficult time for parents. It’s hard to do the right thing when you don’t know how!

Therefore, all new parents inevitably make mistakes. And that’s okay!

Here are 17 tips real people how to avoid the most common mistakes:

1. Don’t forget to take care of themselves.

“I scored personal hygiene. I experienced anxiety and depression and realize that my biggest mistake was to put the needs of others above their own hygiene and comfort”.

2. Come out to walk for a little while.

“I’m the first three months generally afraid to leave the house, not only with the baby but one. Now I regret that a little walking: it would have cleared my head and helped to cope with postpartum depression. I still, when I see parents with very small children, I envy them.”

3. Trust yourself and don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

“I was worried that other moms will judge me if I raise a child on their own, and then I realized that, first, only I know what’s best for my child, and secondly, still someone will condemn, because you cannot please everyone. If you and your baby well, do what you like and spit on the opinion of other moms”.

4. Dr. Google is not your friend.

“Do not Google symptoms! You’ll just freak!”

5. Save money – babies don’t need much.

“I was spending too much money on all sorts of gadgets and accessories for kids! In fact, to four months the baby only needs diapers, clothes, wipes, blankets and a place to sleep. Well, maybe another bottle and baby food if you are breast-feeding. Babies do not need so much! Oh, and more coffee for mom and dad.”

6. But if you need or want, don’t hesitate to shop!

“At some point of pregnancy, I decided that most of the products for babies is pure sell, so buy only the most necessary. It was the perfect plan, until I burst into tears and not ordered from Amazon in a special crib rocking at 3am because the baby refused to fall asleep by herself. There is nothing wrong to change their views about the needs of the baby.”

7. Babies cry. It is inevitable.

“I somehow had this strange belief that if to anticipate all the needs of the child, he will cry. It is clear that this does not work, because sometimes kids just cry, and that’s fine and expected, but I got myself set up for disappointment. I don’t know why. After the birth of two more children, I became a much calmer attitude!”

8. To sleep together or separately? That is the question!

“One day, when my baby was about 6 months, he woke up in the middle of the night and demanded a bottle. I was exhausted and decided to put it next to him and give him a bottle instead of having to rock him to sleep in his own crib. Now it is almost 5 years old, and I’m on the fingers of one hand can count how many times he slept separately. Most of all he loves to sleep on my face”.

9. Fed child is a satisfied child.

“Sometimes you can breast feed, until the milk runs out, and still he will be hungry. You can’t always feed *exclusively* breast and have to use the mixture. I alternately nursed then breast, then mix. My children have large appetites.”

10. Don’t listen to unsolicited advice.

“My biggest mistake was to listen to other people’s unsolicited advice and then lose faith in their parental abilities because most of these tips. Not only that, I was constantly tired and in postpartum depression, and all sorts of strangers telling me what I’m doing wrong. And now I can remember these tips, and realize that 98% of it was nonsense”.

11. Multitasking sometimes leads to molten shell.

“I used to sterilize all nipples in a pot of boiling water. The kid threw a tantrum, and I went upstairs to calm him down, forgetting the pan on the fire. When I returned, there was no water and the nipple too. They melted into a beautiful colored mass on the bottom of the pan”.

12. Even a sleeping baby can’t be trusted.

“I put his sleeping 3-month-old daughter on the floor in the living room and went to the kitchen to make dinner. After 15 minutes I peeked into the room, I don’t! I was terrified! I looked everywhere for her, crying and thinking that someone had to come and kidnap her.

Four minutes later I saw her foot sticking out from under a chair in the living room. She crawled back, lying on your back and pushing with legs from the floor”.

13. Hormonal upset mom = expensive pictures from the hospital.

“I made the mistake of agreeing to a photo shoot in the hospital. It was money thrown. When my second child was born, I photographed him in the kitchen, and the quality of the pictures are the same.

Don’t settle for a shooting in the hospital. After birth you are in no condition to make sound financial decisions.”

14. This is not a competition and not a race.

“Do not compare the growth/development of your child with others. If the doctor says everything is fine, nothing to worry about. Every kid develops in their own way, so phrases like “your child is too high/low/fast/slow/skinny/fat/loud/quiet for her age” – this is nonsense”.

15. Babies are very resilient.

“I usually try to follow all the “rules”, but one day I was late for work and didn’t want to waste time ripping off of the seat, so he put his 4-month-old son on the bed to get dressed. Of course, while I pulled the blouse, he managed to roll over and crash on the floor. In a panic I picked it up and rushed to the freezer for an ice compress, but until we reached the kitchen, he laughed.

The moral of the story is: no matter how you try, still somewhere will. Humble yourself, forgive yourself and don’t worry. Your baby will be fine.”

16. Postpartum depression – not fiction. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

“In the first year of motherhood I am not often talked about their feelings and needs. In result, I developed full-fledged postpartum depression. I was terrified that if I confess my feelings, I would pick him up as mentally unstable. It was completely irrational, but I was too afraid to take risks.

After much therapy and changing my meds I’m finally back to normal. I think I started talking about it earlier, I wouldn’t have to worry about those dark months after the birth of a son.”

17. Remember: your baby has no expectations, and all will be well.

“I sometimes think that I literally can’t do anything right. And then she looks at me and smiles, and she doesn’t care that I wore the diaper on backwards. We lived together another day, and that’s the main thing.”

What mistakes have you made?

Nikita Skorobogatov.

17 ошибок, о которых обычно жалеют 90% родителей

17 ошибок, о которых обычно жалеют 90% родителей

17 ошибок, о которых обычно жалеют 90% родителей

17 ошибок, о которых обычно жалеют 90% родителей

17 ошибок, о которых обычно жалеют 90% родителей

17 ошибок, о которых обычно жалеют 90% родителей