17 Oct with the Earth will face a non-circular Nibiru – experts

Conspirology suppose that Nibiru is not a planet.

17 октября с Землёй столкнётся некруглая Нибиру - эксперты

Strange about the prerequisites for the Apocalypse was known to the chief politicians of the planet and scientists who didn’t understand what knowledge was in their hands. This claim conspiracy theorists, who reached the true day of “meetings” with Planet X. One of the most dramatic statements about the unknown made by the expert scientific group of Planet Hunters, who spoke at a TED conference two years ago.

She announced the details of the strange behavior of the stars. If to summarize the above scientists, then the computerized sensors transit signals stars has caught a significant decline in the brightness of the largest objects in our galaxy. Long known that all bright body in space one day fade away. But in the observations of five years ago was a sharp jump of up to 15% within a few weeks, after which schedules have stabilized. All talked about the fact that the signals from objects to the Ground was blocked by something that was ten times more of the “blue planet” and had a non-circular shape.

17 октября с Землёй столкнётся некруглая Нибиру - эксперты

Surprisingly, a second scientist came from and conspiracy theorists, and ordinary observers. In the daytime the sky can record not only strange large bodies, but also clear lines, similar to the shadow square or other shape. In recent months, the shadow of Nibiru became more that says about her approach. A collision will take place on October 17, experts. Because of this, to consider the true shape of the Planet X hard.

Hence the question: if Nibiru is a planet. Perhaps this huge asteroid, with an irregular shape. Or humanity hastily called another unknown object “Nibiru”, not understanding what he was dealing with. Also, experts of sociology, argue that the increased number of protests caused by the influence of what was approaching the planet, and is widely used Mercantile policies in their own interests, as public outrage has always been a precursor to disaster.

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