17% of Ukrainian teachers have a panic attack

У 17% украинских учителей случаются панические атаки

Almost every second teacher is not getting pleasure from their work. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the educational project Proskau, reports osvita.ua.

One of the main causes of dissatisfaction of teachers with their own projects is the lack of motivation.

53% of teachers work with a sense of constant fatigue, and 39% are actually on the verge of exhaustion.

Also, 17% of teachers confirmed that they had a panic attack. However, 19% of teachers reported that they feel enthusiasm and inspiration, while only 6% – apathy.

The study authors note that these data does not say that the Ukrainian teachers suffer from their work, but the numbers indicate that it is necessary to find a way to motivate and support teachers and schools.

On the psychological state of teachers is influenced by working conditions, because so far in some schools there are no toilets in rooms, no proper heating.

Another reason is that teachers still have more responsibility than they are able to take on.

“Teachers should be involved in the upbringing of children, socialization, to develop their emotional intelligence, to solve conflicts and often – to support and motivate children who are called “complex”. As it turned out, 49% of teachers daily contact with difficult children – those who constantly provoke, violate discipline, bullet other (and sometimes the teachers), refuse to learn – and this is also part of the work,” – noted the authors of the study.

As it turned out, almost 94% of the teachers never had counseling, even school. And this despite the fact that 40% do not know how to stabilize their emotional state.