2.2 Nokia available in Ukraine at a price of 100 euros

Nokia 2.2 доступен в Украине по цене 100 евро

Global HMD, phone manufacturer Nokia today announced the launch of a new model Nokia 2.2.

Among the advantages shooting in low light using advanced AI technology, a separate button to call up Google Assistant, as well as affordable price. 2.2 Nokia will be the first Nokia smartphone of series 2 is included in the program Android One. He will get the latest Android OS version, and a modern 5.7-inch screen with a neat cutout for the front camera. 2.2 Nokia will initially ship with Android OS Pie, and will subsequently be updated to Android Q. the Manufacturer promises 2 years of OS updates and 3 years of monthly security updates that will give users access to all the innovations Android.

Services Juho (Juho Sarvikas), product Director at HMD Global:

“We believe that everyone should have access to the best innovation in the industry. With Nokia 2.2 we take artificial intelligence to the masses. But implementing biometric security unlock owner with the definition of authenticity, which allows to increase the security of the phone, a picture using the AI technology, Google Lens and challenge Google Assistant by pressing a button, we strive to revolutionize how users interact with our phones. 2.2 Nokia will be part of the Android One and, as with all Nokia smartphones, the device will be relevant for a long time. We guarantee 2 years will provide updates of OS and 3-year – monthly security updates. Besides, Nokia is ready for the 2.2 update to Android Q, so that over time it will only get better.”

2.2 Nokia at an affordable price provides advanced technologies such as image processing on the basis of the AI for shooting in low-light conditions with an increase of detail images even in difficult situations. So, the camera takes several photos in succession and using a complex algorithm receives from them the average image with the best exposure, more detail and less noise. Shooting in HDR mode, you get images with vivid colors and wide dynamic range. And Google Photos make your pictures on the background of other features such as Colour Pop or Beautify you can focus on the subject, colorize black-and-white photo or accentuate facial features to make a great selfie.

In addition, the users of Nokia 2.2 will get access to the trending features like face unlock and Google Lens. Nokia 2.2 – one of the first phones in its category with unlocking by face, simplifying work with the device. And unlike smartphones from other manufacturers, the function of face unlock built into the AI using deep learning algorithms and the determination of the authenticity that allows her to work quickly, accurately and safely. Through the Google Lens you will be able to search the Internet for something that point. If you enjoy some thing, you will be able to quickly find out where you can buy it. Aim the lens at the cover of any music album to discover new music or listen to it on one of the streaming services.

2.2 Nokia also follows the latest trends in the design of the screens. Here he takes up the entire front face of the device and has a neat cutout for the front camera at the top. As a result, the device has a compact by today’s standards size. For a sufficiently large screen size (diagonal 5.71 inches) 2.2 Nokia easy to use with one hand. HD+ with a brightness of 400 nits provides a positive experience with the phone. The smartphone features a Quad-core MediaTek chipset A22, which optimizes power consumption, because battery lasts all day.

Nokia 2.2 gives users the opportunity to Express themselves: for it will be available to the removable panel Nokia Xpress-on. Panel treated with a special nanotexture, giving the surface a beautiful glossy Shine and colors for more saturation. Model in seconds panel Nokia Xpress-on will be available in sand, pink, blue and green colors.

2.2 Nokia – the currently available smartphone in the lineup, but it still has a dedicated button to launch the Google Assistant. Now you can quickly ask Google Assistant questions, get directions, call someone or just ask him something for you to do. At a single press of a button opens Google now and long you can give complex commands and perform several tasks simultaneously.

2.2 Nokia first Nokia smartphone of series 2, which will be included in the program Android One. In full accordance with the promise by the manufacturer to maintain up to date OS on their devices, the phone is fully ready to update to Android Q.

2.2 Nokia running Android 9 out of the box and has rich functionality that enhances the quality of digital life (digital wellbeing), including the dashboard, timer applications, mode Wind Down to relax and finalized mode “do Not disturb”. You can now track the use of devices and disable all the visual distractions, taking breaks to work with them when necessary. Other features, such as Slices and App actions, predict your actions, providing the application integration and quick access to actions that will help you better cope with the task. In addition, the Adaptive battery allows you to limit the expenditure of a charge for applications that are rarely used.

Like other Nokia smartphones, Nokia 2.2 included in the program Android One, and therefore will receive up to date Android OS with all the newest features. Nokia participating in the program Android One, offer a large storage for media files, show good autonomy without any additional configuration, and will get security updates for 3 years and OS updates for 2 years. As with other Nokia smartphones, is not pre-installed additional themes or UI modifications – no hidden processes do not consume battery and not fill the memory.

2.2 Nokia will go on sale at average global price of € 99. On the Ukrainian market, the model is expected in July and will be available in steel and black colors.