20 km from Nikopol caught a poacher with nets and fish

В 20 километрах от Никополя поймали браконьера с сетями и рыбой

20 km from Nikopol, in the village of Alekseyevka, caught the poacher. M the man is catching fish, than caused damage to fisheries 4 131 USD.

This Informant became known from the message of Rosrybolovstva in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The offender was revealed on 3 February, around 18:00, her married name kapulovskaya Bay, near the village of oleksiivka of Nikopol district. A man was fishing on a metal boat leskoviku three networks with a total length of 180 meters.

In networks there was a fish: carp – 35 pieces, perch – 5 pieces, carp – 2 pieces, carp and bream on 1 thing. The total weight of illegally extracted water bioresources amounted to 15 pounds. The damage to fish stocks, amounted to 4131 hryvnia. The perpetrator made the Protocol on an administrative offense under part 4 of article 85, Art. Boat, nets and aquatic resources seized before judgment.

In the period from 19 to 26 February, state inspectors Dnipropetrovsk conservation patrol recorded 65 violations of legislation in the field of protection of water bioresources. Made 10 protocols under part 4 of article 85 of the Cao, 44 – under part 3 of article 85 and Article eight of materials under part 1 of article 88-1 of the Cao. Also scored three of the act of detection and seizure of ownerless property.

“During the week of the fish patrol seized 82 kg of fish and 23 units of illegal fishing gear (nets). Imposed fines in the amount of UAH 3842. The damage to fish stocks amounted to 14 130 hryvnia,” – said the head of the conservation patrol Vasily Volkov.

Earlier we talked about the fact that in Nikopol pecks pike. In the waters of the Kakhovka reservoir came dozens of boats. Photo report here.

В 20 километрах от Никополя поймали браконьера с сетями и рыбой