2019 is the year of the sad record of deaths from fires in the Crimea; Yalta, in the three “leaders”

2019 - год печального рекорда смертей от пожаров в Крыму; Ялта - в тройке "лидеров"

The deaths of people in fires have increased in the Republic of Crimea. This year the fires have already claimed one and a half times more than during the same period in 2018, informed the Minister of emergency situations of the Republic Sergey Shakhov.

“The government of the Republic of Crimea is very concerned that on the Peninsula, cases of death and injuries in fires. Since the beginning of the year, in the Crimea, the fire killed 66 people. While evacuated, 783 persons, rescued 104 people. The number of deaths compared to the same period last year increased by 50% – 22 cases” – quotes the Minister a press-service Ministry of emergency situations of the Crimea, the newspaper writes Criminals.

According to the MOE, most of the accidents with casualties recorded in Yalta, Belogorsky and Soviet areas.

Autumn cold, usually leads to increased risk of fires in the residential sector. A major cause of fires in residential buildings in the MOE called the human factor: the neglect of basic fire safety rules, overloading of power grids, the operation of the old wiring, the failure to comply with fire safety requirements when using electrical equipment and furnaces.

2019 - год печального рекорда смертей от пожаров в Крыму; Ялта - в тройке "лидеров"