3D printers, computers, and furniture that will be purchased for schools and kindergartens of the Dnieper over 4 million

3D-принтеры, компьютеры и мебель: что закупят для школ и садиков Днепра за 4 миллиона гривен

About how much will cost the taxpayers purchase, and where they will be read later in the Informant Money.

The Department of humanitarian policy of the Dnieper the city Council has declared a number of tenders for the modernization of material-technical base of schools and kindergartens of the Dnieper. Total spending will amount to 4,2 million. Delivery time – until September 30, 2019.

Industrial area

Gymnasium № 3 to the purchase of interactive panel MultiBoard 65 software Windows 10 Ukr and Android 5.1, a diagonal of 65 inches, video camera, Internet access, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and audio system;

SOSH n 14 – panel MultiBoard 65;

School No. 29 eight monoblocks for students and computer teacher with mouse, keyboard and headset;

SOSH No. 47 – an interactive panel MultiBoard 65;

SOSH № 63 – an interactive panel MultiBoard 65;

SOSH No. 98 – an interactive panel MultiBoard 65;

School № 129 – interactive panel MultiBoard 65.

Novoodesky district

UVK № 4 – game set from the sandbox, swing-balancer, slide tracks, and a children’s Swedish wall, “scallop”, a climbing wall, carousel, kids table and bench.

School № 52 setting 626 led interior lamps and 16 lamps for outdoor lighting 60 W;

Kindergarten № 189 – 219 led lamps and 19 watt LED bulbs;

Kindergarten № 331 – 90 double wooden tables.

Samara district

SOSH n 24 two laptops and three 3D printer.

The Cathedral district

NZCTU dyuc “Storm” – buy LCD TV with a diagonal of 65 inches;

Kindergarten № 302 – a wall for toys and books, 14 and 11, four-section two-section cabinets for dressing rooms, and seven closets for household equipment;

Chachlowski district

Kindergarten № 3 – 100 children’s chairs;

Kindergarten № 26 – four cabinets, two desks and a double.

SHEVCHENKIVS’kyi district

The Department plans to purchase two gates for water Polo for UAH 100 thousand and nine air conditioners for their own needs 189 thousand UAH.