47-year-old Elena Korikova has shown a figure in bikini

47-летняя Елена Корикова показала фигуру в бикини

47-year-old Elena Korikova became famous in the early 2000s, years after the screens out the series “Poor Nastya”, where she played a major role.

Petite blonde with a gentle voice and delicate features captured the hearts of millions of Russians. Now the actress plays in the theater, but unfortunately not often in films. However, loyal fans of Helen continued to follow her life on social networks.

Now the actress is resting on the sea in Montenegro. Recently on his page on Instagram Elena posted a photo taken on the beach. In the picture the actress is depicted in a bright red swimsuit in the rays of the setting sun. “Graceful and fascinating!”, – wrote rave reviews of the users for the actress, who in a few years will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Indeed, despite his age, Elena managed to keep a slender figure the envy of many. But a few years ago the media wrote that Elena Korikova after parting ways with Sergei Astakhov began to drink and almost drank himself to death.

However, recent photos show that the actress is in great physical shape and probably she has someone there. However, unlike most celebrities, Korikova prefers not to devote the press in the details of her sex life.