5 cars that rust in Russia faster than the others

5 иномарок, которые ржавеют в России быстрее остальных

Portal “Avtosklad” has made a rating of foreign cars rot before they reach the destination. More specifically, the rating. Here it is – a balm for the soul owners quickly rusting LADA.

Experts portal “Avtosklad” shoveled miles of Internet forums and talked with representatives of independent service stations cars. The results, I must say, was quite curious. Who is in the market “beushek” rust faster than I’d like?


Here you have premium. Or neopreme. Call it what you want, and reweet Mercedes 2003-2005 model years, even faster than sprints. The reason for this is not a galvanized body. Holey sills, arches and doors are the norm for cars with three-beam star these years. Especially a problem for the W220 and W203. And according to employees of service stations, often to restore damaged areas impossible.


And here she is – the dream of almost any motorist from Central Asia. However, in reality the dream is broken on rust paint coating body. It is very thin, and no galvanizing. The yellow dots on the wings popping up faster than acne in teenagers. Sills, arches and doors turn into through holes. It does not matter what year the car is: 2000 or 2013.


Japanese cars, of course, rot is not as intense as Korean Daewoo, but they are not without sin. Experts technical centers, as one blamed the weak “paints” and “treshek”, and “sixes” means “zero”. Cover and housing of the Luggage compartment, door sills and even the floor pretty quickly covered with rust. Additional against the corrosion was not redundant.


Then succeeded several models of the Japanese brand. But most went to a La business sedan Teana, Navara pickup and Pathfinder SUV. Even relatively recent machines 2010s model years covered lightning yellow spots. Roof rails, welds and sills rust in the eyes. As told the portal “Avtosklad” mechanic is one of the largest in Russia network of car repair stations, even small chips in suddenly make these cars the red. Additional anti – corrosion treatment is a mandatory rule for “Nissan”.


The owners of the fourth generation Hyundai Sonata will not lie, wings, sills, windscreen frame and spars pretty quickly covered with corrosion. Often service men, patch a rusty bottom. And all because the body poorly protected “anticorro”. Not smaller problems the KIA Sorento mid – “zero” – under the plastic moldings and vstavochkami rust obrazovyvaetsja at the moment. Suffers fifth door, arches and sills. If time does not treat the body, nothing will remain.

5 иномарок, которые ржавеют в России быстрее остальных

5 иномарок, которые ржавеют в России быстрее остальных