5 changes in lifestyle that help to lose weight

5 изменений в образе жизни, которые помогают похудеть

Entering these changes into their existence and following them every day, you can successfully lose weight, shown by experiments.

To give up alcohol. The study, researchers from the University of Philadelphia shows that complete abstinence from alcohol provides a pronounced effect in weight loss allows not only to lose weight quickly, but also stop the development of or to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes of the second type. Alcohol specifically affects the brain, causing is more the amount of food that leads to excess weight.

To abandon the use of food after 21.00. Late dinners threaten the body unpleasant metabolic changes associated with higher levels of glucose, insulin and insulin resistance. Against this background, there is a growth of fatty tissue and develops prediabetes.

Enough sleep. Sleep directly affects the hormones that control hunger and feeling of fullness. When the lack of increased levels of biomarkers of stress, which contributes to the increased desire to eat sweet and fatty foods, which plays a role of antidepressant.

To drink water. What could be easier? Scientists from the University of Birmingham conducted an experiment, which divided participants into two groups and in one of them before each meal were given to drink two glasses of water. After three months, participants weighed and found that those who drank water before eating lost an average of about 4 kilograms.

Eating protein and fiber with each meal. For weight loss need to consider calories and food nutrients, scientists say. In another experiment, which involved 33 volunteers were allowed to feed for 12 weeks without any calorie counting, but according to certain criteria: in the diet should be no processed foods, but to be present in a large number of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, soy. As a result, in an average year after project completion, each of its members dropped more than 10 pounds.