5 compelling reasons to drink less alcohol – 24 Channel

5 переконливих причин менше пити алкоголь - 24 Канал

Drinking alcohol – a habit that is detrimental to the health of the body. Imagine drinking a cocktail in a month is eliminated from the brain.

1. Alcohol destroys families and shatters lives and destroys the body’s reserves of vitamins C and E, so the body is not formed enough collagen, respectively, the skin loses its elasticity, conveys Some.

2. Alcohol causes a disturbance of hormones in the body. Women increased presence of male hormone, is becoming rough skin, enlarged pores. And in men decreases testosterone levels and increases the amount of estrogen.

3. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and dry the skin very early wrinkles.

4. Another negative point is alcohol impairs the blood circulation, causing skin cells not getting the oxygen and minerals for healthy appearance.

5. Alcohol contains many calories and always slows down the weight loss. So if you’re on a diet, but drink alcohol – do not expect quick results.


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