5 facts about the musician Rag’n’bone Man, who will perform in Kiev

5 фактов о музыканте Rag'n'Bone Man, который выступит в Киеве

One of the most anticipated headliners of the festival UPark, which has already launched on 16 July on the territory of the Sky Family Park is Rag’n’bone Man, the author of the hit Human. As a Brit Rory Charles Graham has evolved from a humble bluesman in one of the most successful artists of the world knows Vogue.ua.

The voice of Rag’n’bone Man will not confuse with anything else. When they first hear the baritone musician – velvet breast, with a light manly roar present before a handsome romantic character. Burton sometimes gets in the tenor is well seen in the hit Human. Everything in life is even more interesting: Rory’s covered in tattoos, his piercings, thick beard, shaved whiskey and thick chain around his neck – in General, looks pretty brutal. His love for tattoos, piercings and baggy clothes, the musician explains that in 18 years fond of hip-hop.

Favorite genres Rory Charles Graham – Blues and soul. In an interview, he recalls that as a teenager, often listened to jazz pianist Oscar Peterson and vocal records learned from bluesman muddy waters. In Blues clubs in his native Sussex, and the guy took the father. It is the Blues helped Rory to understand that music is his future. In the 19 years he went with friends to the music clubs, where one dared to approach the microphone and sing. That was a song by bluesman Robert Johnson. “Before I sang, but it was pretty squeaky – says the musician in an interview with Interview magazine. In 19 years, when we were at a jam session at one of the clubs, I plucked up the courage to sing. I don’t think anyone expected that it would be. I was approached by a lot of guys and said, “You don’t know how good your voice.” So it all began.

Your very first EP Rag’n’bone Man, released in 2012, followed in 2014 was followed by a mini-album Wolves, it immediately began to twist on the prestigious BBC Radio 1. But talking about the musician really in early 2016, the year after the track “Human”. For three months he has collected on YouTube more than 10 million hits, went platinum in Belgium and gold in Britain, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands. “I realized that famous, when I called friends who worked in construction in Australia, and said that he had heard my track Human five times per day”.

In 2017, the debut album Human, and Rag’n’bone Man won the Brit Awards. A key success of the track, which became the face of the self-titled album, due not only to Rory’s signature vocal, but what they call “honest music”. Human, which begins with the words “I’m only human, maybe I’m stupid, maybe I’m blind, I’m only human in the end, don’t blame me” appeals to eternal values and extremely straightforward to modern pop music.

Before becoming a musician, Rory worked for five years in a boarding house for children with down syndrome and Asperger’s. His nephew also this pathology, and it is a personal story that prompted Rory to become a tutor. In one interview with the musician admitted that if not for music, it still would have worked there, because it’s “the most interesting job in the world”.

Rory Graham’s many tattoos. If to consider a photo of him, then striking are two: knuckles full of the words “soul” and “funk”. These tattoo musician did at the age of 18, he was hanging out with bikers in Brighton, where he lived, and he liked the tattoos “love” and “death” on your toes bikers. But to fill the same, he would not, therefore, immortalized on the fingers of two of his favorite musical genre – funk and soul. Another fresh tattoo – a portrait of the cat Rory, the Sphinx Patricia, who, by the way, is my account in Instagram (ragnbonecat).

A concert Rag’n’bone Man will be held July 17 at the festival UPark.

5 фактов о музыканте Rag'n'Bone Man, который выступит в Киеве

5 фактов о музыканте Rag'n'Bone Man, который выступит в Киеве