5 myths of recovery after childbirth: do not eat for two and exercise

5 мифов о восстановлении после родов: не есть за двоих и заниматься спортом

After childbirth a woman’s body is changing dramatically, but the postpartum period can be read in the network a lot of tall tales. Breast-feeding lose weight? You can not cut sports? Something is true and something fiction.

While breastfeeding need to eat more

“That’s not true. The calories for your breast milk come from body reserves, so if you lose no more than pounds per week – all good. When more is to follow a diet, has more vitamins and the right foods. If the weight is typed in, it is possible to slow down a little”, – writes the edition Cosmo. Immediately after birth, leaving the majority of the collected kilogramsIt’s true, women in General are losing 5 to 8 pounds. This is the weight of the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid. A week after giving birth many lose a few pounds. And all that was left was in the process of breastfeeding. But only, if the mother eats right and not overeat.Once you start losing hairIt really is a big women. The peak deposition occurs 3 to 8 months. The doctors think this is normal, because hormonal changes and begins to dominate the hormone prolactin, necessary for milk formation.After pregnancy the woman is no longer “Shine”Is also true. Many note that during pregnancy improves the skin condition, but then everything returns to normal.

Immediately after birth, can not exerciseit Depends. For example, to develop the abdominal muscles and perform Kegel exercises almost immediately, and strenuous physical activity should proceed gradually.