5 of the cheapest new mid-size crossovers in Russia

5 самых дешевых новых среднеразмерных кроссоверов в России

Of course, when selecting a universal vehicle for a large family its dimensions are of great importance, because we are talking about the capacity. And those who can afford to buy a mid-size crossover, happy to change to it with compact models. Portal “Avtosklad” noted the most affordable options on the official market.

As it turned out, the new mid-size parketniki you can expect with the amount not exceeding 2 000 000 rubles. We are talking about poor models, but in some cases, for the money I can even buy a four-wheel drive version.

Recall that the most popular representatives of this segment in our country remain unmatched two “Japanese” who are in the TOP 25 leaders of the Russian market: the Nissan X-Trail occupies the first position, the Mitsubishi Outlander is the second.

Skoda Kodiaq

On the basis of price lists published on the website of the Czech proivoditeley, a mid-size crossover Skoda Kodiaq is offered at the lowest in the price segment from 1 454 000 rubles for the version with six-speed “mechanics” and 1 607 000 “wooden” for a crossover with a six-speed “robot” DSG.

The first variant is equipped with 1.4-liter engine of 125 HP, the second engine of the same volume, but with a capacity of 150 HP Cost all-wheel drive versions start from 1 742 000. In this “Czech” has one of the most spacious trunks in the class – 650/2065 L.

Nissan X-Trail

Japanese Nissan X-Trail, which has received increased attention from the Russian buyer will cost much more. Judging by the price list published on the website nissan.ru base value is the same for the old and updated versions – 1 601 000 rubles for the car with a six-speed “mechanics” and 1 662 000 per copy with stepless variator.

Both Nissan X-Trail as standard equipped with 2-liter engine power 144 HP the boot capacity of the model is 497/1585 L.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The second leader in the segment of Mitsubishi Outlander standard estimated at 1 689 000. We are talking about front-wheel-drive crossovers with 2-liter engine with power of 146 HP, which works in tandem with stepless variator.

Equipment with all-wheel drive system is available in 1 854 000 “wooden”. While the Mitsubishi Outlander boasts impressive dimensions of the trunk, which is bigger than the segment leader Nissan X-Trail – 591/1754 L.

Renault Koleos

The French player segment of the Renault Koleos in the Russian market is offered only in four-wheel drive options, it can be considered a drawback since front-wheel-drive version, we are not less popular – because the base price of the “French” could be even lower.

Now it will cost 1 699 000 rubles, and for the money you will get a crossover-charged 2-liter engine producing 144 HP and stepless variator. The size of the cargo Bay Renault Koleos is 538/1690 L.

Kia Sorento

Korean SUV Kia Sorento will cost at least 1 749 900 rubles for the front-drive version equipped with a 2.4-liter petrol engine capacity of 175 HP, which is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

The model with the six-speed “mechanics” is offered a little more expensive – 1 799 900, but the car is equipped with all-wheel drive system. And also, the Korean model has the largest load compartment in the segment – 660/1732 L.

5 самых дешевых новых среднеразмерных кроссоверов в России

5 самых дешевых новых среднеразмерных кроссоверов в России

5 самых дешевых новых среднеразмерных кроссоверов в России

5 самых дешевых новых среднеразмерных кроссоверов в России

5 самых дешевых новых среднеразмерных кроссоверов в России