5 of the worst cars made by German manufacturers in 2019

5 худших автомобилей, выпущенных немецкими производителями в 2019 году

Throughout the history of the automotive industry, the German manufacturers took a leading position in the production of luxury and sports cars. Brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen are very popular all over the world.

Though most of their cars were reliable, comfortable and modern, this year the company made some unfortunate (though understandable) error. Of course, most of these models have their own army of fans, but they do not reach the other cars that were released this year.

Keep reading to learn about five of the worst cars made by German companies in 2019!

Mercedes-Benz SLC-class

As the offspring of a highly appreciated manufacturing company of luxury cars, many motorists had high hopes for the model Benz 2019. Although most of the cars have surpassed our expectations, in the Roadster class SLC they are clearly not justified. Outside – stylish and sleek small car, but overall nothing special.

As for the interior, the reviewers reflected that he is very close and has a tiny trunk even for the Roadster. In addition, the materials and the technology that equipped with this kid seem terribly outdated for Mercedes. For the price of $ 50,000 is better to buy a sports car Toyota Supra 2020.

Audi A4

Audi A4 is not quite terrible, but it definitely applies to the lower spectrum of cars of German production released in 2019. Although users like its spacious rear and boot, as well as the overall style, in A4 there are flaws that will definitely make you rethink its value.

First, transmission “stumbles”, and you can’t upgrade it for a more smoother ride because it is the only offer. The owners also complain about the noise in the tires and the lack of feedback from the steering. If you want a car with similar characteristics, but at a much lower price, take a look at Genesis G70, also released in 2019.

BMW 5 Series

BMW is known for its innovative high-tech features and a bold exterior design, but the new 5 series seems a little too simple in the category of luxury cars. Undoubtedly, it is quite comfortable and includes certain security technology, but it’s not even most of the updates compared to the previous model and is definitely not worth it, and hung it on the price tag.

The exterior gave the normal form of a sedan – nothing spectacular, in contrast to the fact that the BMW cars usually are. In addition, the interior materials, as they say, of lower quality, and in the car still lacks legroom. You can get a more comfortable car with a similar appearance and technical characteristics of BMW for half the price from Honda or Toyota.

Volkswagen Passat

Although the Volkswagen Passat is cheaper than the above sedans, it still has shortcomings that prevent customers from emptying their pockets. Yes, the owners love the engine, but they are very disappointed not very impressive touch screen, slow transmission and extraordinary design. Overall, the Passat is little that is new or exciting.

Despite the fact that it is available for around $ 30,000, still there are models from other companies that have the same or better features for less money. Even if you have the means to afford this car, still recommend you to pay attention to Toyota or Honda.

Opel Corsa

Typically, the Opel cars are relatively safe, reliable and durable. However, the new Opel Corsa 2019 has much more problems than a few minor flaws.

In fact, the company had to recall a number of vehicles this year due to the fact that the machines were “not reliable.” We are talking about nitric oxide in quantities, much higher than the permissible level, which can be dangerous at high speeds. Although it is good news that the problem was discovered, a mediocre design and a serious security flaw still put this car in our list of losers.

5 худших автомобилей, выпущенных немецкими производителями в 2019 году

5 худших автомобилей, выпущенных немецкими производителями в 2019 году

5 худших автомобилей, выпущенных немецкими производителями в 2019 году

5 худших автомобилей, выпущенных немецкими производителями в 2019 году

5 худших автомобилей, выпущенных немецкими производителями в 2019 году