5 reasons to start using electronic money, if you still do not

5 причин начать пользоваться электронными деньгами, если вы еще этого не делаете

E-money will simplify the calculations in the Internet, with their help you can make purchases, pay for services, to borrow money to their friends and relatives and even to make savings.

If these benefits do not convince you to immediately start an e-wallet, learn the experts, who identified five main reasons why you need to pay attention on services of electronic payments.

To pay all in one place

Many users prefer to make regular payments, e.g. to pay utility bills online in one place, where all accounts are stored on hand is an archive of payments, card and reminders to the relevant accounts.

“This saves customers from having to stand in line at the Bank and gives you the opportunity to gather in one service payments for all companies and businesses – net time saving and very convenient,” – said the experts of the company Kyivstar.

Convenient withdrawal

Some types of electronic money just to convert to real money: it is sufficient to order the withdrawal to the payment card of any Bank of the world system VISA or MasterCard and in a few minutes the funds will be credited to your account. Later you will be able to cash them at ATMs or to dispose of as a non-cash payment, paying for goods and services card.

Services get bonuses for loyalty

If you regularly use any of the services with the electronic wallet, for committing a certain number of transactions per month company pay you bonuses. You can use them later to pay in institutions in the partner program or to accumulate and convert at the expense of his purse.

Receive and send payments from around the world

You can receive transfers from relatives and payment for their services or products and choose to send and pay for everything you need from/to any country in the world.

Your calculations do not depend on what currency you are sending and the currency in which your addressee receives an electronic money flexible and easily converted.