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5 причин, чому люди постійно скаржаться - 24 Канал

Constant complaints of a person as a bad influence on the people that surround it, and to itself.

This writes the psychologist Robert Tabb, informs Phychocogy Today.

Children complain of friends, teachers, homework, the younger brother or sister. Adults are unhappy with the behavior of a boss, work schedule, and the eternal delays of the second half.

Some people are so like to whine about their problems, that it has become their way of life, a norm of communication.

Why people complain

1. For stress reduction

Most people during the list of issues that concern them, cleansed of stress. They shift their burden to other people, close people. After that, people feel better after they share their grief, despair with other people.

2. Because of the inability to solve the problem

When a person is trapped and sees no other way out, she begins to whine. She probably expects a tip, support.

5 причин, чому люди постійно скаржаться - 24 Канал
Because of the inability to solve the problem

3. Through the depression

Depression is bad for man. It takes all the energy of a person, makes him see only the bad in the usual things. People complain, because I’m sure that this is all that man is capable of.

4. It’s part of a relationship

The psychologist notes that constant complaints is part of role models from childhood parents constantly complained, and created a negative atmosphere. There are also couples and families, where there is a too negative attitude – “We two against the world.”

5. Through the benefits

It’s like a workaround to get attention. With whining and complaints of a child attracts the attention. But if it worked in childhood, work in adults.


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