5 rules of conduct that will help to overcome coronavirus: advice from the who and FIFA

To combat coronavirus attached all. Including athletes. FIFA, jointly with the world health organization has compiled a list of 5 simple Affairs, the compliance with which will allow if not completely to overcome the coronavirus, at least to protect yourself.

The initiative of FIFA and who supported the world sports stars who have recorded videos with these rules.

Who and FIFA, together with the national federations (including Ukrainian Association football) has created posters with the five rules, which should adhere to.

1. Hands. They should be washed as often as possible. With soap or alcohol products. And treated with antiseptic.

2. Elbow. When sneezing or coughing mouth and nose is better to cover the elbow. You can also use a disposable tissue, which should be immediately after that throw.

3. Face. You should avoid once again touch the face, especially the eyes, nose and mouth. These plots are most suitable for getting the virus in your body.

4. Distance. At the time of quarantine is to keep your distance in dealing with other people – not less than one meter.

5. Health. If you feel bad – don’t leave home. And follow the advice of doctors.

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