5 style lessons from the legendary couturier

5 уроків стилю від легендарного кутюр'є

He became a legend of fashion, radically changing its laws: women dressed in men’s jackets jeans made element of evening clothes.

In his ‘ 84 Giorgio Armani – today, July 11, the legendary designer celebrated so much – doesn’t look a day over 60.

Said that this gift was inherited from the mother siciliicy, it also recognizes that not losing happy genes: lots of swims, resting, sleeping as much as he wants, not Smoking and not abusing alcohol, regular visits to the gym and eating only healthy food.

He feels happy and is not going to retire. Retirement for him is tantamount to death! On men Giorgio’s always tanned, trim, dressed in dark blue or black is his favorite color.

Star trek legends of the fashion industry began in 1974, when a freelance artist who worked for several fashion houses, has opened their exclusive line of men’s and women’s clothing. The company Armani is rapidly gaining momentum, the Foundation of the brand products accounted for and collections of shoes, accessories, watches, aksesuar, jewelry.

In addition to the collections of “Haute couture” brand Emporio Armani took a course on the production of an average price category.

5 уроків стилю від легендарного кутюр'є

For some few years, the talented and indefatigable Italian has caused a real revolution in the fashion market. It Armani dressed women in men’s suits and tuxedos, proving that it is elegant. Blue jeans and a casual sports jacket as an element of evening clothes? In the performance of this Armani – stylish. He defied the stereotypes, and deleting from collections of real fur, considering it a cruel attribute of the past, as well as massive expensive

In the last century and today nearly 90 percent of men’s outfits at the ceremony of the Oscar was created Armani. He absorbed the characters of the cult film, “the untouchables”, “the Matrix” Saga of Batman. Worked on the concept form London sports club “Chelsea”.

Among the beauties of a favorite model and Muse of Armani has long been the actress Julia Roberts. She, like no other corresponds to the designer’s ideas about what women are suitable as the fine dresses and men’s suits. At the time, the movie star wowed the audience, PolyGram brilliant Giorgio and coming to the award ceremony Golden Globe in the same with actor Kiefer Sutherland of “two”. Of course, Armani.

The main lessons of style from Giorgio Armani:

luxury doesn’t mean uncomfortable and cramped;

– cheap pair of shoes – an unjustified saving. Never skimp on your shoes – wardrobe Foundation

– black tie – the uniform for any evening. Every man is a black tie;

– black and dark blue colors make us look slimmer. You can safely experiment with form and fabric, if you stick to this range of colors;

– carefully pick up the scent. It can become your calling card. That’s the first thing humans feel when we go into the room, and the last thing that disappears when we leave.


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