5 types of foods which should be abandoned before bedtime

5 типов продуктов, от которых лучше отказаться перед сном

The food at night is not always harmful. People starving in the evenings, suffer from an increased appetite the next day. But from certain foods before bed doctors still strongly advise you to give up.

Fried. For digestion of fried foods rich in fat, the body spends more energy to digest than carbohydrates and proteins. Eaten on the night fried foods can cause that in the morning the awakening will be too heavy, plus there will be a feeling of weakness instead of relaxing. All this is the consequence of the fact that the body gave a lot of effort on a night the digestion of fried.

Sharp. Eating spicy foods before bed can not only “reward” night heartburn. Spices are known for their ability to release the substance histamine, which, in addition to the manifestations of allergic reactions, also contribute to wakefulness, disrupting the normal process of falling asleep.

Chocolate. This product contains cocoa which in turn contains caffeine. Eaten in the late evening chocolate will play the role of unnecessary stimulant for the body and will shift the onset of sleep for a few hours.

Green tea. Its use before sleep can trigger a tiring insomnia – the cause of all that caffeine, which in green tea a lot. In addition, green tea has diuretic properties, which is also not conducive to a restful sleep. People with weak bladder and kidney problems tea before bedtime should be deleted.

The chicken and the Turkey. Sometimes the list of foods that are recommended to use in the evenings include chicken, and Turkey. Do their meat is considered a dietary, well satisfies hunger – it would seem that for dinner perfect. But we must remember that poultry meat is a rich source of protein, which promotes the production of dopamine, energizing. It is better not to eat later dinner.