$ 50 million to offer breakfasts at school

The Quebec government is investing $ 50 million over five years to ensure that all primary schools in disadvantaged areas can offer their students a breakfast in September.
A ctive for 23 years, the Breakfast Club already distributes food to more than 300 disadvantaged schools, thanks to donations from the public and private companies. This government coup will double the activities of the Club, which will be able to roll out its program in over 400 new schools. In the long run, students from around 40% of public primary schools will be entitled to a free breakfast.

“The needs, they are there, we have the financial capacity to invest”, justified the Minister of Education Sébastien Proulx during the announcement made Friday at Marguerite-Bourgeoys School of Quebec.

The minister recognizes that the government’s first mission is to provide educational services. However, he believes that having a full stomach is the basis for children to focus and succeed at school. “If an apple, a yogurt, a cheese can make a difference, sincerely, it’s worth it.”

The Ministry of Education has not been providing any food aid to primary schools so far, but it is already doing so in some high schools in disadvantaged areas. This new measure is included in the Strategy 0-8 years, unveiled last January.

For its part, the Breakfast Club says “be ready to meet the demand”. Its founding President Daniel Germain, however, asks donors not to move away from this cause. “Neither the government nor the private sector can afford to fight this fight alone. Together we will make it happen. ”

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