6 dangerous reasons due to which you may shiver in the legs

6 опасных причин, из-за которых может возникать дрожь в ногах

In many cases, tremor in the legs is not something serious, but at the same time, this symptom can make themselves some very serious diseases, such as neuropathy or Parkinson’s disease. The portal MedikForum.ru find out which dangerous causes can be behind the sensation of a tremor in her leg.

In fact, to diagnose the true cause of the shaking of the legs based solely on symptoms is impossible. For this reason, people who experience tremors in the legs, you must visit a doctor, therapist or neurologist and tell him about the problem. The specialist will prescribe diagnostic procedures that will help to understand what led to the emergence of unpleasant symptoms.

Which dangerous causes may lie behind this condition?

Increased anxiety, neurosis. Increased anxiety, panic can cause a temporary jitter: this is the body’s response to stress, physiologically it turns on in a state of “fight or flight” associated with the evolutionary mechanisms. But sometimes, when anxiety may develop chronic tremor and chronic periodic bouts of jitter. Treatment in this case should be aimed at easing anxiety, not tremor.

The abuse of alcohol. Excessive alcoholism and abstinence can change the reaction of the brain and nervous system, including trigger tremor.

Neuropathy. Neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can cause unusual sensations of tingling or pain in the limbs. Sometimes the neuropathy manifests as a tremor or unusual movements.

One of the major factors contributing to the development of neuropathy is diabetes. For people with diabetes manifestation neuropathy can be a sign that their current treatment isn’t working.

Dementia. In dementia progressive brain damage affected virtually all aspects of brain functions, including movement. Some people with dementia develop a tremor in your feet or hands. In some cases these movements are actually be an early sign of dangerous neurodegenerative condition.

Hyperthyroidism. It occurs when the thyroid gland is too active. An overactive thyroid causes an acceleration of some processes in the body. In many cases, similar violations in the gland caused by graves ‘ disease. People with hyperthyroidism may experience muscle spasms, trembling of feet or hands, increased anxiety and unexplained weight loss.

Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s disease is a condition of the nervous system that affects the brain and nerves, causing tremors and other uncontrollable movements (the symptoms worsen with time). For some people with Parkinson’s tremor is the first symptom of the disease.

Trembling in the feet: when to see the doctor? In most cases, tremor in the legs or in the foot is not the result of a serious disease and is treated by rest and the abolition of some time of caffeine.