6 habits that damage the kidneys

6 привычек, которые вредят состоянию почек

Kidney problems adversely tell on the body: they lead to edema, hypertension, pathological fatigue. Meanwhile, many of us harm the kidneys as their own actions.

Doctors tell us what habits we should say goodbye, so as not to ruin the buds.

Inactivity. With a lack of physical activity and in particular during prolonged sitting on a chair, the blood circulation in the lower body is weakened, which threatens long-term processes. Thus there is a vicious circle: because of lack of active circulation, kidney function becomes more sluggish, which reduces the quality of filtering the blood, and this in turn further worsens the condition of the pair on.

The lack of sleep. Evidence from several studies conducted in different countries suggests that the risk of occurrence and development of kidney failure is increased in those who spend at least 7 hours.

Hypothermia. This factor is the main trigger of pyelonephritis, acute inflammation. Its symptoms include fever, lower back pain, painful urination. Doctors note that the particularly acute problem of hypothermia is getting in the summer holiday season.

Habit to endure in the urge to the toilet. Scientists strongly recommend to promptly respond to the calls of the body to cleanse itself of harmful substances and excess fluids, and not to delay going to the toilet in the natural urges.

Constant diets and trying to lose weight. Experts explain: the kidneys are surrounded by protective adipose capsule. At strong weight loss this fatty layer is reduced, which lowers the degree of renal protection.

Insufficient drinking water. Tea, coffee, juices… all of it liquid, but they cannot substitute for regular drinking water. Only water enhances the cleansing function of the kidneys in the body, while the other drinks puts an additional burden on them.