6 properties of tea that can be hazardous to health

6 свойств чая, которые могут быть опасными для здоровья

Despite a number of beneficial health properties, tea at the same time can be fraught with danger for the body.

Destroys the teeth. The habit of drinking a lot of tea, especially strong, can destroy tooth enamel – it contains pigments act upon it aggressively. Doctors recommend not to drink more than 5 cups of tea a day.

Harm the kidneys and increases the risk of cancer. Available scientific data indicates that the production of tea bags is often used by older leaves that are in the process of growth accumulate in the soil contained fluoride. These compounds are capable of causing serious harm to kidneys and bones. In addition, paper bags often contain in their composition epichlorohydrin, which is used as a pesticide. When interacting with water it becomes more dangerous, increasing the risk of infertility, immune problems, cancer.

Interferes with the absorption of iron. In 2011, after a series of studies, scientists stated that tea has the property to inhibit the absorption of iron from food. For this reason, experts advise to survive after eating at least a 20-minute break before you start to drink tea.

Provokes insomnia. Tea may contain more caffeine than coffee. Therefore, the evening Cup of tea is capable of charging the person with unnecessary vigor. Drunk on the night of the green tea more, and forced to Wake up to go to the toilet, he gives a pronounced diuretic effect.

Triggers liver disorder. A study of the State University of new Jersey evidence: green tea in large quantities can induce disorders in the liver, in a day it is advisable not to drink more than 2 cups. Of this tea contains polyphenolic compounds that have a tendency to accumulate in the body, and slow down liver function. In addition, problems with authority may allow “associated” substances that are added to teas manufacturers, in particular, those chemicals that are used in the cultivation of tea.