6-year-old child stuck his head in the window bars and had to call rescuers

6-летний ребенок застрял головой в оконной решетке: пришлось вызывать спасателей

Young boy could not get out of “traps”.

Today, 13 August, 14:18 rescuers received a call about people in trouble with the child. The applicant stated that the boy is stuck and cannot get out.

According to the caller, the 6-year-old child climbed head first into the window grill, which is located on the first floor. However, to get your head out of the opening grid, he could not, and therefore were in the “trap”. All this happened on the street of Eduard Fuchs, in Pokrovsky district of Krivoy Rog.

Arrived on the scene rescuers found that the boy tried to climb outside through the window bars. It became clear that his release will have to use non-lethal weapons. So, with the help of hydraulic tools, they were able to pry open the grate, and to help the child out.

The boy was examined by doctors. According to them, his condition is satisfactory. In total, this rescue operation involved 7 people.

Source: State emergency service in Dnipropetrovsk region.