7 Dec 2018 – holiday in Ukraine today and that is not possible

7 грудня 2018 – яке свято сьогодні в Україні та що не можна

7 December 2018 honor the memory of Catherine. Holy was the patroness of brides and marriage. This day is often held a variety of divination and appointments for both business guys. Catherine knew several languages and possessed a remarkable oratorical talent.

Birthday 7 Dec celebrate: Alexander, Grigory, Evgenie, Ekaterina, mark, Simon.

Folk omens on 7 December:

Clear weather at Katherine – will be the dead of winter.

– Warm weather – frost will hit only on the Varvarin day (after 17 December).

– Circles round the moon foretell frost.

– Sunlight beams rush up – will soon begin the storm.

7 грудня 2018 – яке свято сьогодні в Україні та що не можна
Folk omens on Catherine 2018

Are stars in the sky will be a sign to what will soon be snow.

– If a single girl sees 7 Dec rat, her husband is a foreigner.

– Catherine on the water, Christmas on ice.

What can I do 7 Dec

1. On this day young girls, who dream to find good husband and get married to pray to Saint Catherine.

2. Guys in this day to fast and pray sincerely, for God to give them hard-working and Naniwa wife.

Divination by Catherine

1. The girl who wants to get married have to break a few leaves from different trees. One of them must be an Apple tree. These leaves should be put under the pillow and in the morning pull out. If you got Apple leaf – marriage in the next year not to wait.

2. Midnight, the lonely girl takes the Cup with dinner, wraps it with a new towel and goes to the gate “call fate” three times and shouts: “Fate is fate, come to dinner!”. According to popular belief, a single girl should soon have a boyfriend.

7 грудня 2018 – яке свято сьогодні в Україні та що не можна
7 Dec honor the great Martyr Catherine

3. In the evening you need to go outside and listen in which direction the dog is barking. Which side will hear barking from the other side and wait for the groom.

4. If the parties have gathered a lot of lonely girls, their fate decided boots. Rearranging them in turn, measured the house from the Desk to the door. Whose boots will come over the threshold, the girl first married in the next year.

5. Learn about the maiden’s fate helped a number of symbolic objects: a strip and a ring. One of the girls needs to lay on the table items and to cover their plates so that nobody saw. Then each in turn came and lifted one of the plates. If it will be a tape, will be a year on the shelf, if the ring, then get married.

What not to do on December 7

1. If you need to go on a long journey, it is better to do it the next day.

2. Try not to quarrel with each other. Be friendly and welcoming.

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