7 foods that should not be used children

7 продуктов, которые не стоит употреблять детям

Some of the products we mistakenly believe are useful, so they force-fed our children. However, any benefit from this will not happen, but the harm is enough. In this article you read which products are best excluded from the diet of your baby.

Do you think that replacing sweet drinks packaged juice, you make a good point? Actually – no. The juice of industrial production is composed of a lot of preservatives, and contains as much sugar as, for example, Coca-Cola. Moreover, this sugar is instantly absorbed in the blood and disrupts carbohydrate metabolism.

Better give the kid fresh, Vrutky and berries (in season). And cook from them compote or juice – these drinks will be the most safe and beneficial for your baby.


In the ladle very few nutrients, almost no vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the baby for proper development. But the carbs too much. So instead of monkey it is better to give the child other, more useful and nutritious porridge – oatmeal, buckwheat, barley.


Of course, homemade yogurt is useful. But the one sold in stores – not at all. Usually in the store there is no beneficial bacteria that improve the digestive system. But there’s a lot of sugar, fat, calories and harmful additives.

Only homemade yogurt for example in the child’s diet

And this is not surprising because the beneficial bacteria live on the strength of a few days, but the shelf life of those yoghurts that in stores 2-3 weeks, and sometimes even a month. So if you want to feed your baby yogurt, better make it yourself.


A variety of cereals, bulbs and pads are in advertising – the best Breakfast for a child. It is useful and delicious, and do not have to cook. Actually, the first paragraph is absolutely false – nutrients there is minimal, but sugar more than necessary. So what is an empty calorie that cannot be satisfied.

So if you want to give your baby a nutritious Breakfast, and he’s not hungry in half an hour, cook him porridge, add berries, nuts, dried fruit. Trust me, so it will be tastier and more nutritious, and healthier.


In grapes a lot of nutrients, but to 2, and preferably before 3 years of his child to give. First, it has a lot of sugar. Second, for the delicate digestive system of the baby this product is too heavy. It may be difficult to protravlivateli, calling an upset stomach, bloating, cramps or just uncomfortable. And thirdly, a kid could choke on.

Glazed cheese

If you think a glazed cheese is a great alternative to cottage cheese, you’ve never been so wrong. The cheese content in them any bad substances more harmful than chips!

There are lots of flavors, lots of sugar, dyes, preservatives which makes this product completely unacceptable for children’s (and adult) nutrition.

Honey is useful, but only if not subjected to heat treatment. In baking, in tea and such it can become even harmful to health. In addition to 2 years of med to give a child is strictly prohibited. First, it can cause allergies. And secondly, it contains different bacteria that are dangerous for such a young body.