7 million euros in Italy was put up for sale the village

7 млн. евро: в Италии выставили на продажу деревню

Galbusera Rovagnate Bianca in Valletta Brianza, located in the heart of the regional Park Valle del Curone, estimated at 7 million euros.

Magnificent medieval village, completely renovated, located on the slopes of the hill from sanctuary Beata Vergine del Monte Carmelo in Montevecchia, in the heart of the Regional Park of the valley of Curone, sold for 7 million euros. It’s Galbusera Bianca Rovagnate della Valletta Brianza, owned by 67-year-old count Gaetano Besana, who also owns a magnificent Villa Besana di Sirtori (in the Park where there are 21 ancient tree, including the tallest tree in Italy).

In fact, the village of Galbusera has long been converted into a vast agritourist farm with 20 hectares of land. It consists of a main building used for reception rooms, apartments for tourists, meeting rooms with a large terrace and a Wellness centre with two swimming pools with hot water, Jacuzzi, warm sauna, hot sauna, Hammam, massage rooms and a relaxation area.

A large restaurant consists of five rooms with two fireplaces in addition to a bar area, office facilities and kitchens, and located in a magnificent restored medieval Inn.

“In 1999, my father gave me some farmland and forest, Sirtori, which I sold, says 67-year-old Graf. – I had a little look around and found an old ruined village of Galbusera Bianca, a small abandoned Paradise, surrounded by hills, but disguised as hell, with untidy land and houses destroyed due to neglect. The village is formed by the manor house, rural houses and stables, were already known in 1348, under the name of Albisser. In 2005 I turned it into the first private oasis, a protected world wildlife Fund; after renovations started in 2008 and completed in 2013, everything was restored according to bio-architectural criteria and runs on renewable energy.”