7 ways to improve the quality of life

7 способов улучшить качество жизни

Experts said there are few rules, the observance of which helps to become healthy and happy.

American scientists from the University of Washington has published guidance on compliance with the rules of a healthy lifestyle. According to them, there are 7 ways that can help will help improve the quality of life for everyone.

Walk in the fresh air. Studies show that a 20-minute walk in the fresh air are an effective way to get rid of stress. Scientists warn that when stress increases levels of cortisol, which contributes to the development of neuroses, depression and insomnia, and cardiovascular diseases.

To follow a Mediterranean diet. According to scientific experts, this rule improves brain function, lowers the risk of heart attacks, strokes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Enough sleep. Adults should sleep for 7-9 hours a day. On the background of the lack of sleep increases cortisol, which becomes higher the risk of inflammatory processes in the body.

Exercise. Physical activity should be a minimum of 150 minutes per week recommended by researchers. Due to the physical activities improves muscle, becomes stronger the immune system, decreases blood pressure, decreases the probability of diabetes becomes higher as a cognitive activity.

Own relaxation techniques. Experts argue that techniques of stress that can be applied daily, it is useful to be able to own everyone. Among these methods – deep breathing, yoga and other.

To maintain good relations. It is noticed that the people who are welcoming friendly disposition and inherent in good relationships with others, improved health, reduced susceptibility to depression and early mortality.

To be grateful for. Scientists note that thanks the person for different circumstances improves it psychological health. If every day to this practice at least five minutes a day, the sense of life satisfaction invariably increases, which is beneficial to overall health.