770 Respawn banned thousands of cheaters in Apex Legends

Respawn забанила 770 тысяч читеров в Apex Legends

The developers of Apex Legends continue to successfully lead a serious battle with dishonest players. Respawn Entertainment have already reported about past achievements in this area, and now fresh reports with a summary of anticitera fields.

Executive producer drew McCoy (Drew McCoy) said that the company not only improves the Easy Anti-Cheat, but also works closely with key experts from Electronic Arts, including the Origin and team of developers from DICE, Capital Games and units working in series FIFA, – all for the sake of catching digital cheaters.

McCoy can’t talk about future means of fighting crooks in Apex Legends, but says that the Studio will “attack them from all sides.” He also emphasized the most important information:

• Recently added to the game system of “reports” greatly helped in the detection of cheating, including previously unknown.

• The total number of bans has reached 770 thousand.

• Has blocked more than 300 thousand attempts to create a large number of suspicious accounts.

• In the last 20 days have been blocked more than 4 million accounts, selling cheats.

• The number of matches on a PC, which was attended by cheaters or spammers for the last month dropped by more than half.

Recall that Respawn is now so busy promoting his shooter, I decided to postpone plans to create a new game on the universe of Titanfall. In addition to catching cheaters the developers polished Apex Legends and promise to add in the following seasons much more content. Details about the second season will reveal at the event EA Play, which will be held from 7 to 9 June.