8 December 2018 – a holiday in Ukraine today and that is not possible

8 грудня 2018 – яке свято сьогодні в Україні та що не можна

8 December 2018 honor of St. Clement, a noble and wealthy Roman. Clement became one of the closest companions of the Apostle, later headed the Roman Church, and was the fourth Bishop of Rome.

Also today celebrate the international day of the artist.

Birthday December 8 celebrate: Peter, Gregory, Ivan, Vasily, Yaroslav, Hilarion, Alexander, Victor, Andrew, Paul.

Folk omens on 8 Dec

– If there’s snow, the summer will be rainy.

If July was hot, the Dec will Morosani.

– Winter warm and summer cold.

What can I do 8 Dec

1. On this day, it is necessary to go to Church to pray to Saint Clement. They say that the prayers of this day will help to protect children.

2. So things went well that day to begin fasting.

What not to do 8 Dec

1. According to popular belief, this day can’t complain about the cold. It is therefore important to be always vigorous and cheerful – then the frost will reward good health.

2. Try not to go out of the house today, especially in the dark.

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