8 reasons why mobile signal suddenly disappears or deteriorates

8 причин, почему мобильный сигнал внезапно исчезает или портится

This is so frustrating, when during a conversation suddenly lost the connection. Nothing to do with it.

There are a few main reasons for lost connection. If this happens very often, so it’s not a spontaneous failure of the towers.

Intensive cellular traffic.

The network is always bad where a large crowd of people. Since so many users simultaneously texting, calling or hanging out online.

Building material of the house.

The construction material of your home, car, work place or shopping centre is the culprit room. Metal and new-fangled tinted glass bad transmit signal.

Low battery.

Your phone needs energy to maintain contact with the tower, so he can block the transfer of data to fully discharge.

Bad weather.

Cell phones send and receive electromagnetic waves, which are directly affected by such weather phenomena as humidity, cloudiness, thunder, lightning, wind, rain, snow and ice.

Lock the antenna.

Modern phones have built in antennas inside the phone. If you don’t know how to hold the phone, you can block the antenna and lose signal. The location of each antenna depends on the brand of smartphone.

Mother nature.

The forest blocks much signal. The same goes for your home if it is surrounded by a beautiful grove – the sound will be much worse.

The hills and valleys.

Geographical features are a common cause of a signal failure. If you live on one side of the mountain, and the only cell tower in your area is on the other, you are unlikely to get good reception.

Cosmic events.

The eruption on the surface of the sun send gas flows to atmosphere and break the connection on his mobile phone. These so-called solar flares create shock waves that move in space.