81-year-old Jane Fonda revealed the secret of eternal youth

81-летняя Джейн Фонда раскрыла секрет вечной молодости

Legendary Hollywood actress recently turned 81, but she looks much better Actresses who are younger than her. As reported Newsmir.info all her life Jane Fonda has limited itself in familiar to many people weaknesses. The actress claims that in order to look like her, need a lot of money and a lot of good genes.

According to the actress, she was accustomed from a young age very much to sleep at least 9 hours a day. Jane was the first American, who in the early eighties, filmed instructional videos with exercises. Despite her advanced age, she continues to play sports, because it believes that slim figure – an indicator of youth. She encourages all women to follow the appearance and to do everything possible to lose weight. In addition, the actress has long refused alcohol, she doesn’t smoke, and excluded from the diet all harmful products. Jane says that she feels much younger than when she was 30 years old.

The family of the actress also adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Hard to believe, looking at this woman, throughout her life, she had many problems: the struggle with cancer, anorexia and bulimia, suicidal mother, and 3 failed marriages.

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