9 plants, which have to be in the bedroom

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне

Plants are living creatures which have breath. They consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide that is converted to useful organic substances in the leaves in photosynthesis under the influence of natural lighting. But at night plants do not have enough light energy, and release carbon dioxide increases. No, people are not going to suffocate in my sleep, but a presence in the room, sufficient oxygen has a calming effect, reduces anxiety, eliminates insomnia.

We offer you a list of plants that produce a lot of oxygen, even at night, so it is good to have in the bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep.

1. Palma Areca

You may have noticed this plant in dental clinics – they love to decorate large halls. It also looks great in the home. The main advantage of palm is that it is particularly effective to absorb all kinds of harmful gases and maintain the desired humidity. Because its natural habitat is dense tropical forest, it is well suited for areas with insufficient sunlight.

2. Christmas cactus

This plant is also known as the zigokaktus, “the Decembrist,” because it blooms only in the first month of winter. It may be able to replace you a festive coniferous tree.But even without the beautiful flowers the cactus will delight all year round rich vibrant leaves. This plant is good for health, as it can produce oxygen all night, ensuring you a restful sleep. It feels good in dark rooms, making it the perfect decor for the bedroom.

3. The sacred ficus

According to the myths that envelop this plant among its leaves the souls of the dead. Check hardly anyone wants, but it is known that the ficus is effective in the treatment of diabetes, asthma and to prevent constipation. In addition, its leaves are a powerful source of oxygen. Perhaps that is why the Buddha decided to meditate under the sacred ficus to come to enlightenment.

4. Aloe Vera

This natural remedy for many skin problems and treatment of diseases, the king of the vegetable Kingdom, also provides a lot of oxygen at night. The main bonus of aloe Vera is that it is extremely hardy and does not require frequent watering. It is very easily propagated, so you can get the whole house with pots of aloe Vera to get the most out of it.

5. Sansevieriya

It is also called “snake plant”, “Teschin language”. No matter how sinister it was not the name, this plant is good to have a home, as it is considered one of the best air purifiers. Like aloe Vera, this striped plant resembling a snake skin, unpretentious, durable and does not need your constant attention. You will also like Medicinal plants that can harm

6. Gerbera

Bring sunlight into your life by placing these bright orange flowers in the room. Besides the fact that gerbera daisies purify and freshen the air, they are also used in terms of healing – from colds to preventing cancer.

When buying gerberas choose high-quality planting material, since these plants can be difficult to grow.

7. Tree Him

In Hindu culture, this plant is synonymous of purity, because it not only cleanses the air but also acts as a natural pesticide, creating an insurmountable barrier for pesky mosquitoes. The fact that the plant destroys not only pests, it prevents the maturation of eggs.

However, one must keep in mind that when growing neem home will need patience and special conditions: plenty of sunlight and quality soil.

8. Orchid

Some beautiful flowers will brighten up even a prison cell, but their purpose is much broader than just aesthetic pleasure. Orchids are good to keep in the bedroom as a night emit oxygen. They are ideal for other areas due to its ability to absorb from the environment xylene (a pollutant found in paint), refreshing your home.

If you think that these beautiful flowers require a huge effort when farming, you are wrong. Do not fuss over them, just give them more sunlight, they will do the rest themselves.

9. Holy Basil (Tulasi)

Although the consumption of leaves of this plant has its benefits, even just being next to him is useful for a person. Tulasi leaves emit a very distinctive odor that will help to strengthen the nerves and reduce anxiety. Especially effective after a busy day want to relax.

The presence in the bedroom plants, which are producers of oxygen, even at night, will help you to relax in the morning to feel fresh and active.

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне

9 растений, которые должны стоять в спальне