9 States that people often are embarrassed to tell the doctors

9 состояний, о которых люди чаще всего стесняются сообщать врачам

On average, approximately one in ten people hesitate to inform the doctor about the condition which requires medical care. From breath to discharge from the genitals, portal MedikForum.ru find out which States are most often kept secret.

Erectile dysfunction. Most often with her face men over 40, the most common causes of dysfunction include stress, anxiety, fatigue, alcohol, side effects of medication. If erectile dysfunction becomes a recurring problem, it may be a symptom of the underlying problems of health like diabetes, reduced levels of male sex hormones, thickening of blood vessels.

Discharge from the vagina. In General, allocations are normal and there are most women. The quantity and texture can vary depending on sexual activity, pregnancy or the beginning of the period. But all changes in the normal secretions ( especially when odor, pain or ulcers in the vagina) is a very serious cause for investigation by a doctor.

Incontinence. Nobody knows what the real statistics of such disorders as urinary incontinence – this condition is often modestly and carefully hidden. Meanwhile, there are enough effective methods of treatment, from reducing the consumption of caffeine and exercises for the pelvic floor prior to surgery.

Depression. Many people avoid speaking with a doctor about depression, believing that their condition will cure itself, or that it’s not a “real” problem, while when symptoms of depression you should always seek help. The development of depression deprives a person of the desire to socialize and destroys his psyche; its consequences can be far more serious than many imagine.

Body odor. Few people go to the doctor because of the body odor. But it is better still to do so it is possible to detect the main cause of changed smell – for example, the disease. Among the factors increased or made of body odour it is possible to allocate

  • hormonal changes
  • hyperhidrosis,
  • medication,
  • diabetes
  • kidney disease,
  • diseases of the liver.

Hemorrhoids. The most common cause of this “shameful” and ignored problems are constipation and too much tension when urinating. Discomfort can be reduced by using cold compresses, pharmaceutical creams and ibuprofen, but if after seven days of self-treatment with no improvement does not occur, it is necessary to seek help from doctors.

Heightened concern. Generalized anxiety disorder can cause both physical and psychological symptoms, ranging from feelings of excessive anxiety to palpitations, problems concentrating or sleeping, dizziness. But my nervousness people tend to hide, fearing the reputation of “crazies”.

Fetid breath. No need to hesitate to handle the problem of unpleasant breath for help – in some cases, it may indicate very serious problems, ranging from infection and some cancers.

Constipation. There are many causes of constipation in adults, but some of the most common include insufficient amount of fiber and fluid in diet, stress and anxiety or a side effect of the medication. Simple changes in diet and lifestyle can ease constipation and improve bowel movements.