9 the bachelor season 12 release: in show defeated Dasha

Холостяк 9 сезон 12 выпуск: в шоу победила Даша

The biggest intrigue of the show “the Bachelor season 9” kept to the last broadcast, so the audience was hard to predict who of the two finalists will receive a rose at the ceremony. Nikita Dobrynin hesitated before the final choice, however, he gave it to Dasha. Read the biography of the winner of the Bachelor on the 9th season.

Girls over the past few months actively fought for the heart of a Bachelor – presenter Nikita Dobrynin. Still, have reached the final, only two girls – Lily and Dasha. One of the girls received the honorary right to be called a companion of the main cholocate of the country, who got the final rose, read in the material LifeStyle 24.

The rose ceremony

Participants remembered as the birthplace of the feelings for the main character of the show “the Bachelor season 9” and romantic moments on the project. With special tripcom remembered the first date Lily. Meeting with Nikita Dobrynin she was expecting 5 weeks. But familiarity with Dasha from the presenter started with a triple date at the party and a passionate kiss.

Dobrynin in conversation with TV presenter admitted that he wants to choose the girl, in which certain. However, is not how to explain other that they would never develop a relationship.

Guided by the heart

To the question does the bachelor wedding, Nikita Dobrynin replied in the affirmative. However, only in the case when there are strong relationships. The bachelor season 9 admitted that nourishes warm feelings for both girls, but the choice is inevitable.

For his lady the Bachelor chose the kind words, admitted that waiting for each next meeting. In conversation with Dasha Nikita Dobrynin few questioned the sincerity of the intentions of girls. Regarding Lily, Dobrynin commented on the ease and gusts of passion that flared between them.

Lily or Dasha

After the last heartfelt tete-a-tete with the girls, Nikita admitted feelings. His heart gave preference to Dasha. Daria won the 9th season of the Bachelor.

Biography of the winner of the Bachelor season 9 – Dashi

Age: 20 years
City: Kiev
What does: hairdresser, stylist, hairstyles
Social network: kvittkova

Charismatic stylist never thought it would be to create hairstyles, in fact wanted to be an actress or a psychologist. To get education Barber was the idea mom Daria, that girl is now very grateful.

Beauty was very nervous before going to the Bachelor, so, stepping on the red carpet, Darius almost ran to the meeting with Nikita Dobrynin, causing him smile. Friends of the presenter persuaded him to give the girl a chance and give her a rose.

Throughout the project the girl left the initiative for themselves, not afraid to give the first kiss with the Bachelor. It is this confidence helped her to win the heart of Nikita Dobrynin.

The first photo of the couple in love: