9 the bachelor season 12 the issue: what did the Grand finale show

Холостяк 9 сезон 12 выпуск: чем отличился грандиозный финал шоу

All fans of the romantic project “the Bachelor 9” was looking forward to the Grand finale. On Friday, may 24, the main character of the show Nikita Dobrynin made his choice and of the two finalists chose one.

Throughout the project, the presenter Nikita Dobrynin tried to find their love. To the last air show “the Bachelor season 9” came two charismatic beauties Lily and Dasha. Which of the girls will win the coveted victory and heart Nikita Dobrynin – read the material LifeStyle 24.

A date with Dasha

The Grand finale of “the Bachelor season 9” began an emotional date with Dasha. Always glad beauty came to the meeting with the presenter in a bad mood. Dasha offended that at the ceremony of the roses Nikita Dobrynin said: the girl trying to please his parents and sometimes overacted. Itself participant agrees and assures that it is always sincere.

During all of the visits, she behaved with restraint, carefully, was always in a good mood. It was important for me to see its reverse side,
commented on the whimsical behavior of the girl Nikita Dobrynin.

The bachelor invited the beauty to walk around town and complete quests, pre-recorded on the sheet. The first item in the list is to experiment. Nikita Dobrynin was invited Darius for dinner in a cozy restaurant where the couple ordered the seafood and cheeses that are never tried. The dishes are not like them.

Meeting Nikita Dobrynin continued their Frank conversation. Daria, he asked, how will she react when the presenter wants to go on a noisy party or to chat with other girls through work. Such provocative questions have been confusing for participants in “the Bachelor 9”. Behavior Dashi man perceived as silencing the truth.

Passion questions became all the more urgent, and talk about the future ended with kisses.

The next challenge participant “the Bachelor 9” was a change of image. Together they chose hats and scarves. In these images of Nikita and Dasha walked along the waterfront.

Continued the date in a room decorated with rose petals. Dasha asked Nikita Dobrynin how he would treat that she will give much time to his blog. This presenter said that if all in moderation, then it is never against such a girl of leisure. Romantic atmosphere once again stimulated the couple to kiss. The meeting ended with a joint relaxing in the Jacuzzi.

Meeting with Lily

Romantic Italy is so liked Lilya, she enthusiastically went on a date with main character “the Bachelor season 9”. For girls Nikita Dobrynin has prepared a special day to the maximum to show how it is to be him. Leela he offered to switch places in the game “floor is lava”. The girl had to figure out how to get to the volcano, using different types of transport.

Thus, the broadcaster decided to check how Lily is ready to make decisions for themselves. However, he assured the beauty is that at any time will be nearby and ready to help her in everything. From this task, Lily was confused.

Inside, there was so panic and hysteria. We’ve stood there that the man said, “You need a car”? Then I already answered: “Yes”,
– admitted Lily.

Such confusion and fear to speak English Nikita Dobrynin did not understand. He took matters into his own hands and ordered the car. Already in conversation with presenter Lily tried to find out why she’s studying English, afraid in real life to use it. In addition, the girl refused to get behind the wheel of a rented car.

Inside the machine Nikita Dobrynin began talking pretty exclusively in English, trying to configure it to talk. But Lily continued to respond to Russian and exacerbated the situation. After a misunderstanding, the couple went to the market where Nikita bought girls flowers, to dilute the unpleasant atmosphere. By purchasing products, the participants of the show “the Bachelor season 9” went to the volcano.

The behaviour of the presenter was perceived as integrity. Lily after the conflict, admitted that she was in a bad mood most of the time in silence. This Nikita Dobrynin advised not to waste time and relieve unnecessary passion. But the girl are unable to gather my thoughts and messed up the date.

I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, didn’t want to upset her. The idea of Dating her, but she didn’t want to go beyond your comfort zone,
concluded Nikita Dobrynin.

With Lily, the hero of “the Bachelor” overcomes her fears, and it is their relationship. Develop a conversation, Nikita Dobrynin gave the girl the driver’s seat. With fear and under the control of the presenter Lilia sat behind the wheel of a car. It is very like a wayward beauty, and the main character of the show saw how the beloved listens to his advice.

The couple came to the foot of the volcano Vesuvius. The stunning scenery made Nikita Dobrynin and Lily to forget all misunderstandings. A romantic date accompanied by gentle kisses.

To meet with a girl Nikita Dobrynin continued in a cosy atmosphere. He invited Lila to hold a conversation in his room with champagne and fruit. The beauty admitted that next to TV presenter, she learned to trust men.

The meeting itself was quite spicy, Nikita Dobrynin did Lila massage, and the girl stripped to underwear. The pair’s meeting ended with passionate kisses.

The rose ceremony

Each of the girls remembered how we had the first meeting with the hero of the show “the Bachelor season 9” and romantic moments on the project. With great trepidation I remembered a first date Lily. Meeting with Nikita Dobrynin she was expecting 5 weeks. But familiarity with Dasha from the presenter started with a triple date at the party.

The rose ceremony the bachelor has chosen a ring that will give one of the girls. Nikita Dobrynin decided to choose not the mind and heart. Both girls became very close, so the choice was easy.

During the ceremony rose Nikita decided to build a relationship with Dasha. So Lily with tears in his eyes left the show. The girl thanked the broadcaster for the fact that many things went for the first time: swim, do extreme sports and drive cars. Lily said he did not believe in the fact that the main character of the show “the Bachelor season 9” tends to have a serious relationship.

Dasha got what he wanted the ring from the Bachelor, did not restrain his delight.

The bachelorIs a reality Dating show, appeared in March 2011 on the Ukrainian TV channel “STB”. The show is a Ukrainian adaptation of the American project “The Bachelor”.

The main character of season 9 was the leading M1 TV channel and radio station “Russian radio Ukraine”, the chief editor of men’s magazine XXL (Ukraine) Nikita Dobrynin. In every issue the main character will meet with one or several girls in different places. During meetings the girls have to like the Bachelor to interest him and get rid of rivals.