9 the bachelor season 8 issue: tenderness, scandals and romance

Холостяк 9 сезон 8 выпуск: нежность, скандалы и романтика

The famous TV presenter Nikita Dobrynin became the main hero of the Dating show “the Bachelor season 9”. He continues to choose his mate. 7 release, he continued to meet girls in France

New week on the project “the Bachelor” continued in France. Girls with new forces ready to win the heart of Nikita.

First date this week at beauty Oli. The girl was looking forward to meeting with the bachelor. Bachelor have planned for the girls a surprise flight on a plane. Olga responded very excitedly and hugged Nikita. In the sky between a pair of felt ease. However, kiss did not happen, because Nikita sure that you first need to talk a lot. Before that, Dating, relationship, the couple were rather tense.

After the flight, Nikita decided to check out Olga for strength. He offered the girl to compete in arm-wrestling. Olga won and asked for another date. Nikita could not refuse.

Between the pair took place the first serious conversation she spoke about his difficult family relationships. Nikita asked the girl about the fears. For Oli this fear was the fact that it may look ridiculous and stupid.And another girl admitted that she had relations with a married man. And how intensely they ended. And the girl assured that he had long let go of this relationship. During this Frank conversation between the couple felt the chemistry that eventually turned into kiss.

“The French passion” with Nikita

Nikita decided to play with the girls in the game. In order to know what girls really are. Girl and Nikita will play “the French passion”. Gregory divided the girls into two teams. The main prize was a conversation with Nikita.

In such an unexpected format, the invitation to the date was received by the Marina. The game ended, individualne communication received Lily. With a glass of wine Lily and Nikita have discussed all the points that they were concerned.

The unexpected visit of Nikita

Nikita decided to come back again to the girls. Natalie offered to make him toast. The other girls feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Date Marina

Nikita has in store for Marina candid surprise. A couple disguised in an old. In order to see the Marina and myself in the future. In such unusual images held their conversation.

Nikita and Marina shared their future. A pleasant surprise for Nikita was that the vision of old age and the future coincide.

Marina received a rose at the end of this romantic date. Marina herself said that it was not so romantic as the closing date. In the same way – old, Nikita wanted to hold the ceremony of roses.