9-year-old child was killed at the dump in Nikolaev

9-летний ребенок погиб на свалке в Николаеве

In Nikolaev the dump killed a nine year old child. According to witnesses, the boy and his mother sorted the garbage.

On the solid waste landfill to be they did not have the right. But the victim’s family, like many others, lives in the Roma camp right under the fence of the landfill. And earns, that collects secondary raw materials.

According to the workers of the landfill, they try not to let outsiders, even the fence was built. However, on the same day as the fence was installed, residents of the Gypsy camp made a hole in it and continued to collect recyclables.

Local told that in the Romani camp work at the site by arrangement with the property. When the tragedy occurred, relatives independently dug up the child and drove to the hospital. However, the doctors explained that nine year old boy brought no signs of life.

Militiamen opened criminal proceedings on the fact of death of the child. However, by the camp they can not do anything, as the legislation does not allow.

The police powers do not include the eviction of these individuals. These people, they are citizens of Ukraine,

– said the head of district police Cyril Burasovsky.