90% in China’s nuclear Arsenal is aimed at Russia

90% ядерного потенциала Китая нацелены на Россию

Most Moscow threatened by Chinese missiles, medium-range, and it is better to pay attention to the threat posed by China.

Such opinion was expressed by Russian political scientist Andrei Piontkovsky.

“In fact, Russia faces off with U.S. willies – who’s the rocket more. It’s part of the propaganda. Moscow shouting that the Americans are now the whole of Europe will force their missiles. But it’s not. No US missiles in European countries, will not post. First, it does not need America. Secondly, that in the interests of Europe itself. Washington these medium-range missiles needed to Asia. Because the Chinese have hundreds of such missiles. I wonder why in Russia do not wonder who aim those rockets? Because to US, they will not reach. But I can cover the whole territory of Russia. But the idiots in the Kremlin is not worried. They are more worried that China is fighting for Venezuela,” – said Piontkovsky.

He believes that the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin will not allow him to use the missile capability of the country.

“If Russia is going to somehow confront China, then she needs these missiles. Do not rule out that the Russians specifically increased the flight range of missiles – more than 500 km To the violation notice, the Americans and in protest withdrew from the agreement.

And now in Russian hands will be untied – she slowly begins to work in this direction. After all to operate openly in front of the Chinese she was afraid. In General, it’s all a game to the public. I dare anyone to use these missiles? Well, except that some crazy. If you notice, especially about the missiles likes to talk to Putin. His eyes glisten. In this respect it is, of course, dangerous. Because the edge of consciousness probably is aware that his game lost. If the bunker Hitler had the nuclear button, he would have applied it. I hope Putin his entourage do not give – no wonder they are his billions earned,” – said Piontkovsky.

Moscow is so full of shit that it’s too late. Recently an article was published, the U.S. Ambassador to Russia John huntsman (jon huntsman), which is this whole missile 9М729 Innovator, which violates the parameters of the nuclear agreement, in sufficient detail told. It turns out that the Americans were flying, and geography, and range – all this information is transferred to Moscow. But all that has happened, will never recognize.

However, there is a possibility of another scenario, about which you write and many experts, including me. We are talking about modifications of the Treaty. Now it prohibits the U.S. and Russia to distribute and deploy missiles of a certain class across the planet. Why not narrow this geographic coverage – to ban to deploy missiles on the European continent, from the Atlantic to the Urals?

Generally it would suit everyone. If this situation persists for the sake of what created the Treaty – he eliminated the American missiles in Europe, and Russia – to Europe. Thus, in the case of modifications of nuclear danger still remains, she will be with us until the end of humanity. Nuclear weapons are not going anywhere. But at least the missiles in Europe will be banned.

After all, why the Americans withdrew from the Treaty? Not only because Russia violates it. In the end, it is one kind of rocket it would be possible to continue negotiations and to turn a blind eye. But the United States needs medium-range missiles in Asia to China.

And the most paradoxical in this situation what they need and Russia. But she is afraid to admit it and afraid to do anything to offend China. These same missiles and medium-range hundreds in China, and they can’t reach US territory, but can reach almost the entire territory of the Russian Federation, including Moscow.

Therefore, from the purely military point of view and talked a lot about this military in Russia, who have always been unhappy with the contract for this reason – solution “in Europe is impossible, and in Asia” arranges both the USA and Russia, and Europe, which will not be targeted by Russian missiles.

That is, from a military point of view it is beneficial to Russia, but she plays the game great friendship with China. Strategic partnership and all that. And this is a clear recognition that China is a threat to Russia, brings down the entire system of Russia’s domestic and foreign propaganda.

I would place the Americans and the Europeans have offered such a solution. And it would put the Kremlin leadership in a very awkward position. Refusing to accept it, they would demonstrate to their constituents that are essentially vassals of China.

Regarding the talks that Ukraine can become a victim of this nuclear crisis, say only in Russia. They say, will be stationed in Ukraine American missiles with two-minute approach to Moscow. But I assure you Americans are not going to deploy missiles in Europe. Their withdrawal from the Treaty formally due to the violation by Russia – but it is a reason. They want to place missiles in South-East Asia. And Ukraine in this context, they are not worried.

So will it be possible to make something new during those 6 months allotted for a complete US withdrawal from the nuclear Treaty?

No, I think that Moscow will Balk at his ridiculous position. In addition, the Kremlin is already so dependent on China that the Chinese simply will not allow him to do it. And it will be very serious domestic political issue in Russia. In fact, the Kremlin will open the Russian population that he completely ignores the threat of China and is essentially a Chinese vassal.

And it will be the most interesting political by-product of the crisis with the nuclear agreement.