“90% of doctors in the hospital, and the suits protect us from the volunteers”: the doctors of Chernivtsi cry out for help – Bloomberg (video)

"90% врачей на больничном, а костюмы защиты у нас от волонтеров»: врачи с Черновцов взывают о помощи - Bloomberg (видео)

In one of the hospitals of Chernivtsi problems with equipment for the treatment of patients COVID-19, and equipping the physicians.

Foreign Bloomberg published a video with one of the hospitals covered by the deadly coronavirus city.

In the hospital as problems with the equipment for the treatment of patients COVID-19, and equipping the physicians. Besides, most of the staff there is on sick leave.

“80-90% of the staff at the hospital. They simply do not” – says 37-year-old Dr. Olga Kobevko is the only specialist in the infectious disease Department at the hospital.

Machine support for breathing breaks, and a patient with a coronavirus begins helplessly gasping for air. Kobevko running from house to house looking for an electrician among other patients, who could repair the unit. In the end, she finds a way to make it work again.

The hospital itself is designed for 60 patients but now accommodates 100. The conditions here are deplorable: the equipment is broken or outdated, drugs are in short supply, and salaries of doctors are very low.

“We have equipment no, equipment no, here the doctors girls, you see, filled pillows,” says Kobelco.

“Patients are begging: “Air, give me air,” and there’s nothing you can do. You just continue to squeeze the pillow, unable to save a life. That’s the worst. A centralized oxygen supply system is not expensive,” says Kobelco.

“These masks we have – FFP2. They do not fully protect. Needs to be a higher degree of protection. But alas. And even disposable or reusable suits almost always have volunteers provide,” says emergency doctor Svetlana Padini.

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