A 400-horsepower sports car Nissan: new details

400-сильный спорткар Nissan: новые подробности

Competitor to the upcoming Toyota Supra will be not only powerful and beautiful but also relatively affordable.

Appearance of the successor of the Nissan 370Z has not yet received official confirmation, but active hearings about its possible appearance and the power plant has provoked the Amateur designers to experiment. A new piece of information from anonymous insiders shed some light on the hypothetical price of 400Z.

As previously reported, the rear-wheel drive sports car, allegedly planned to equip three-liter V6, developing 400 HP, which in a few will offer either classic automatic (though modified to Nismo) or six-speed manual gearbox.

Build 400Z, according Allcarnews, on an improved platform of the current coupe. This approach seems justified given the company’s desire to cut costs. But the exterior of the car will completely re-draw, and with significant reliance on the appearance of a classic Datsun 240Z. According to rumors, the coupe for a vintage appearance, even will be deprived of a signature V-shaped grille.

Gallery: Nissan 400Z 2022 – unofficial renderings

How will look the interior of the sports car, while it is not known: according to one version, it will make an emphatically modern and “digital”, but another hypothesis is that “retro look” will be maintained in the cabin 400Z – although, of course, no new-fangled multimedia chips will not do. As for suspension, the coupé promised to provide a locking differential, adjustable suspension and all the rest, the provisions of the laws of the genre. And still the family may eventually be replenished particularly severe modification with a 480-horsepower engine.

Interestingly enough, insiders claim Nissan’s intention to establish a new product relatively affordable price tag. According to preliminary data, to buy a 400-horsepower sports car will be less than 40 thousand dollars. And the current Toyota Supra with a three-liter “six” BMW, developing 340 HP (upgraded coupe on sale has not yet been received) are evaluated in North America in minimum 49 990 USD excluding taxes.