A bad dream – mortal danger: the scientists made the discovery

Плохой сон - смертельная опасность: ученые сделали открытие

Experts from Washington University in St. Louis found that chronic sleep deficit triggers the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Reports Newsmir.info scientists said that the constant lack of sleep leads to the development of dementia in the elderly, which, in turn, is a cause of premature death due to exhaustion and loss of ambulation.

Scientists conducted an experiment on rodents and found that lack of sleep leads to an increase of the Tau protein in the Central nervous system. It turned out that the same thing happens in the nervous system of the person who sleeps not enough time. In Alzheimer’s disease molecules of the Tau protein containing excess residues of phosphoric acid, form clusters – neurofibrillary tangles and cease to perform the functions of stabilization of intracellular structures.

The formation of tangles in turn, is the cause of death of neurons in the human brain. Tau protein, as established experts, continues to accumulate during bodrstvovaniya, however, a healthy and prolonged sleep, its level decreases dramatically, which helps to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease.